I’m very proud to present my 4th Expansion Pack
“Funky Human Voices”
The Expansion is very unique and based on the classic Funky Talkbox sounds during the 80-90’s.

The Expansion contains:
7 different Talkbox Voices with 7 different phrases.
like Baah, Daah, Doo, Dough, iiii, Laah, and Yeah.
3 Talkbox basses (Boo, Daah, Doo)
2 Jazz scat Voices (Baa, Duuh)
10 classic funky analog synthbasses like Minimoog, Roland Juno, and Jupiter 8.
2 Great lead voices
1 New Drumkit (80’Drums)
2 Bass Sweeps
4 Different Fx assigned to each octave
16 Different Funky Bass patterns, which are perfect to perform with the Talkbox voices.
4 Daft Punk Patterns
And Bruno Mars 24 K Custom Songstyle (Midi)

Note: The patterns are not generic styles,
(except for the Get Lucky style)
they are more 4 and 8 bar midi files created in
C key so you can choose to play in desired chord and instead concentrate
to perform with your right hand.

Compatible with Genos, Tyros 5, Psr-s970/770.
The size is 56 mb and the Expansion comes only in ppf-format.

20% discount on all Expansion Packs in January.


Note: All Expansion Packs comes only in PPF-Format.