Piano Expansion Pack

Let me present the new Piano Expansion Pack, with 6 different Piano voices, 4 Acoustic and 2 Electric Pianos.
The challenge was to create a Piano Pack with 6 different realistic Piano sounds with only 1 layer, keep it under 158 mb (ppi-file), and at the same time make them expressive with different velocities.
I can easily say this is the most demanding and time consuming i’ve ever done.
As many of you already knows, to create a full realistic Piano sound, with 4-8 layers including different elements… requires a lot of memory,
1-2 gb is very normal for just 1 single Piano sound.
With this Expansion each Piano voice has it’s own distinct sound and contains only 1 layer, but depending on how hard or soft you hit the keys you can hear different velocities.
The most expressive voices is the Bright Grand and definitely the 2 Electric Pianos you can hear it very clearly in the demo.
The less expressive is the Simple Steinway, the Natural Grand, and Natural Grand 2 PiaNo.

A good tip is to turn on the Sustain button on your keyboard for more room and space.

Compatible with Genos, Tyros 5, Psr-s770/970, and Psr-s775/975.

The Expansion comes in ppf-format.


Ppf-file 138 mb, Ppi-file 153 mb.

New Piano Expansion Pack

Note: All Expansion Packs comes only in PPF-Format.