When and how do I get my download link?

You have to send your “Instrument info file first”, before you can receive your files.

How to find the Instrument info file?

Connect a USB flash memory to your keyboard.
To locate your ” Instrument info file (n.27)” do the following:
1. Press the [FUNCTION] button
2. Use the [< Tab >] buttons to select MENU 2. [See Picture 1]
3. Select SYSTEM with button [G]
4. Press the [D] (EXPORT INSTRUMENT INFO) button. [Picture 2]
5. Press OK [G] to save the file.
6. Your Instrument Info file is now saved in the root directory to the USB flash drive. 7. The file name is: “PSR-S970_InstrumentInfo.n27”, “PSR-S770_InstrumentInfo.n27.” or “Tyros5_InstrumentInfo.n27.”


Click on the image to enlarge it.

Where do I send my Instrument info file ?

Send your instrument info (n.27-file) via e-mail to the following e-mail address: info@styles2psr.com

In what format will i receive the Expansion Pack?

Cpf and Cpi.

How to import and convert Cpf to a Cpi file into YEM?

Please watch the video with the name “How to convert cpf to cpi” under the Help section on the website www.styles2psr.com

Notice: The video shows the ppf and ppi format, but the procedure is exactly the same.

Important information

NOTE: We will endeavor to process your order as soon as we recieved your instrument info key. We have to import your instrument info into YEM. Then create a Cpf and Cpi for your keyboard, and upload it to our downloadserver. Depending on the data volume this can take several hours (up to 48 hours). Directly after uploading the files you will receive an e-mail with the download link. Download your files, import it into YEM, and tranfer it to your keyboard.

If you have any further questions or need technical assistance, write an e-mail to: info@styles2psr.com