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Best Of Italo Disco & Synthwave

Best Of Italo Disco & Synthwave I’m very proud to present my 6th Expansion Pack “Best of Italo Disco & Synthwave” This pack brings you not only the best Italo Disco & Synthwave styles, but also the best retro analog 80’s sounds and drums ever. Description: The Expansion contains 20 brand new styles, 35 new…
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EDM Essential 2 The Ultimate

EDM Essential 2

EDM Essential 2 I’m very proud to present my 5th Expansion Pack “EDM Essential 2 (The Ultimate Collection). This pack brings you the freshest, hottest and the best 78 Styles in the EDM world. It contains 39 brand new styles + all styles from EDM Essential 1, Ultimate EDM, and 6 styles from Trance Master.…
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Funky Human

Funky Human Voices

I’m very proud to present my 4th Expansion Pack “Funky Human Voices” The Expansion is very unique and based on the classic Funky Talkbox sounds during the 80-90’s. The Expansion contains: 7 different Talkbox Voices with 7 different phrases. like Baah, Daah, Doo, Dough, iiii, Laah, and Yeah. 3 Talkbox basses (Boo, Daah, Doo) 2…
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EDM Essential

Previous packages

I am very proud to present my new Expansion Pack EDM Essential 1 The Expansion Pack brings you the best of EDM sounds. With new and refreshing voices, and drumkits. With more than three months in development. Every sound is carefully handcrafted by me. Covering a wide range of classic EDM and unique contemporary sounds.…
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