Pure Italo Disco

Finally the new Expansion Pack ”Pure Italo Disco” is here.
This Expansion brings you only the very best of the old Italo Disco Hits from the 80-90’s.
17 brand new Italo Disco styles + 1 bonus Synthwave style (Stranger things).

All styles are based on songs, from artist like Alex Pierce, CC Catch, Cristina Manzano, Fancy, Grant Miller, Modern Talking and The Hurricanes.
A complete stylelist with Song title and Artist name are included.

Many of the styles have a alternative Intro in Major and Minor key.
Besides the regular Endings you have also a short 1 bar Ending.
With these options you’ll get more variations to play different songs.

All styles comes with well balanced 4 OTS settings.
The Expansion contains 40 new sounds, and 2 drumkits.
Compatible with Psr-s770/970, Psr-s775/975, Genos and Tyros 5.

Expansion size: 107 MB, and comes in ppf-format.

Note: To avoid messages like ”Missing Content”, always use the latest version of YEM (2.5.2), when you import the ppf-file.

Pure Italo Disco Part 1

Pure Italo Disco Part 2

Pure Italo Disco Part 3

Modern Talking with "Pure Italo Disco" Expansion Pack

Note: All Expansion Packs comes only in PPF-Format.

Third Expansion Pack “Trance Master”

I’m very proud to present my third Expansion Pack “Trance Master”
A must for all of you Trance Music lovers
The package provides you with the right sounds for Trance music.
It contains only the best bass, chord, leads, and Plucks sounds.

The Expansion includes 60 sounds, 3 Drumkits, and 36 new Trance styles.
The style are truly the best possible Uplifting Trance styles out there
with the most beautiful arpeggios, chords, melodies ever,
from the subgenre of Emotional/Epic/Euphoric/Progressive Trance.

The tempo range are between 130-142 BPM.

Note: The styles are divided in Major and Minor chords for the Intros.
For example the style “Arp 8 Minor” plays the Intro in Minor.
All styles contains Intros, Endings, and 4 OTS Settings.
Many of the styles have 3 different layers of bass.
In Trance music production it is very common with Multi layered bass elements.
We are talking about Hi, Mid, and Sub bass.

Hi bass = high range rolling bassline/triplets.

Mid Bass = Mid range rolling bassline/triplets.

Sub Bass = Low range offbeat and sometimes rolling bassline.
Trance Master are compatible with Psr-s770, 970, and Tyros 5, and comes in ppf-format.