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  1. Nachdem ich die Style-Pakete wie Ultimate EDM schon kannte ist das die optimale Ergänzung. Klingt sehr druckvoll und inspiriert mich immer wieder zu neuen Song-Ideen.
    Weiter so Janne 😉

  2. After I already knew the style packages like Ultimate EDM, this is the perfect complement. Sounds very powerful and always inspires me to new song ideas.
    Continue so Janne 😉

  3. Excellent work, congratulations.
    I work with Korg but this material honestly impressed me a lot!
    Good luck in everything you do!
    Daniel AD

  4. EDM is fantastic. Please, you have to continue in this way. I would like if you will release an EDM package to use as musical accompaniment. Regards,

  5. A big applause and many thanks for your whole work on those awesome EDM styles used on most of my compos.
    The last pack (master) seems to be your best ever!
    Pro quality (far far better than the official “premiums” packs) and always a lot of pleasure to play with!
    Best regards, take care and keep this way, my froiend Jan!
    Mysterio FTS

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