EDM Essential 1

EDM Essential 1

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EDM Essential 1

Expansion Pack for Genos, Psr-s970/770/ Tyros 5

File comes in PPF-format.



EDM Essential 1

Expansion Pack compatible with Psr-s770/970, 775/975, Tyros 5, and Genos, Psr-sx900, Psr-sx700

Fileformat: PPF

EDM Essential 1 contains exactly 100 new voices including 3 drumkits,
and 18 styles.

Expansion size is 148 mb.
The files comes in PPF format.
Note: When you import the PPF-file in YEM, it’s very important
to change the LSB to 30, otherwise the styles will not play correctly.

How to change the LSB:

1. Import your PPF-file into YEM.
2. Make sure you highlight the pack required.
3. Click on the right hand arrow to the right of My Packs. (See picture below)
4. Select Change Bank Select Menu.
5. Drag and drop the Pack to LSB 30, press OK and close the window.
Note: If you already have a Pack installed on LSB 30?
You have to remove/delete that Pack first.
Import EDM Essential 1 to YEM, and change the LSB to 30.
Reinstall your previous Pack, and change the LSB to something else.

3 reviews for EDM Essential 1

  1. Joe H

    Finally… I’ve got real EDM sounds in my PSR S970. And the styles are a GREAT source of inspiration for creating my own EDM styles! Thank you Styles2psr for giving us what Yamaha didn’t. It’s like having a whole new keyboard!!! Pure JOY!

  2. Dave

    Does this file synonymous in my psr 950s ???

    Thank you very much

    For your answer

  3. Marek

    If you’re a keyboard player you have to got this!!Great styles,amizing drums!I recommend! Skyxmen69

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