Best Of Italo Disco & Synthwave

Best Of Italo Disco & Synthwave

I’m very proud to present my 6th Expansion Pack
“Best of Italo Disco & Synthwave”
This pack brings you not only the best Italo Disco & Synthwave styles,
but also the best retro analog 80’s sounds and drums ever.


The Expansion contains 20 brand new styles,
35 new sounds and 2 Drumkits.

Compatible with Psr-s770/970, 775/975, Genos, and Tyros 5.
Expansion size: 115 mb.
Comes in ppf-format.

Information about the styles.

All styles contains at least 1 intro and Ending in Major or Minor scale.

Note: Some of the styles may have a combination of both Major and Minor Intros/Endings

6 Responses

  1. Серик Бигалеев says:

    New Expansion: Best of EDM &Trance Part 4

  2. David Camden says:

    Can hardly wait to try this awesome expansion pack.

  3. James Tran says:

    will it work on yamaha psr-sx900

  4. Urban says:


    I am a big fan of MT (35 years now, before PSR67

    How can I geti it

  5. William Afonso says:

    Bonjour, j’ai acheté un tyros 4 (occase) voilà déjà 2 ans et je voulais augmenter les possibilités de styles.
    Les vôtres ont l’air super mais ne sont pas compatibles tyros 4
    Y’a t’il une possibilité de les convertir ?

  6. Bonne cit musique merci beaucoup pour votre attention

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