The perfect Sample Pack if you’re looking for punchy kicks, claps, snares, big brass stabs,
percussions, risers, sweeps, big toms, and catchy vocal chops/shots.
There is a separate folder with great 80’s drumkits
for Italo Disco and Synthwave music.
All the samples are supplied as 16-bit Wavfiles so can be imported directly into your DAW,
sampler of choice.
For Psr and Tyros/Genos keyboard owners, you can use the content to import and create your own
Expansion Pack in Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM).

The conversion of Euro Dance Pack was very time consuming.
First of all, I extracted and converted the YEP-files, and revoiced all the channels.
Next, the most difficult part, I created all the drums from scratch, and finally I mixed everything properly.

The Custom Dance and Trance Collection includes 27 new styles.
All styles have Drum-fill-ins, Break, Intros and Endings, and also 4 OTS settings.
Keep in mind that some styles with 2 Intros and 2 Endings are Custom made.
This means that the Intro II, and Ending II, are playable in many (not all) different chords, but Intro III, and Ending III are locked to the original song chords
However, Patrick Hannequin has converted most of the new dance styles to the SFF1 format so they can be played on earlier keyboards.

Here are 14 new Dance styles.
Five of these are Discopolo styles that a Polish friend sent to me.
Hope you enjoy them!
— Best regards, Jan

Here are 21 new Synth styles, 10 of them are from the Vintage Synth Pack, which I converted for other PSR models.
Wishing everyone Happy New Year!
— Best regards, Jan.

These new collection contains 17 new Dance/Trance styles.
Some of them are based on famous Eurodance songs from the 90’s.
Euro Dance Pack
These are 7 brand new Dance / Trance styles produced with voices and drums from Euro Dance Pack.
Free Expansions Ultimate EDM in PPF-formatFree EDM
Small Expansion with 15 new voices typical for EDM.