Funky Human Voices

Funky Human

I’m very proud to present my 4th Expansion Pack
“Funky Human Voices”
The Expansion is very unique and based on the classic Funky Talkbox sounds during the 80-90’s.

The Expansion contains:
7 different Talkbox Voices with 7 different phrases.
like Baah, Daah, Doo, Dough, iiii, Laah, and Yeah.
3 Talkbox basses (Boo, Daah, Doo)
2 Jazz scat Voices (Baa, Duuh)
10 classic funky analog synthbasses like Minimoog, Roland Juno, and Jupiter 8.
2 Great lead voices
1 New Drumkit (80’Drums)
2 Bass Sweeps
4 Different Fx assigned to each octave
16 Different Funky Bass patterns, which are perfect to perform with the Talkbox voices.
4 Daft Punk Patterns
And Bruno Mars 24 K Custom Songstyle (Midi)

Note: The patterns are not generic styles,
(except for the Get Lucky style)
they are more 4 and 8 bar midi files created in
C key so you can choose to play in desired chord and instead concentrate
to perform with your right hand.

Compatible with Genos, Tyros 5, Psr-s970/770.
The size is 56 mb and the Expansion comes only in ppf-format.

20% discount on all Expansion Packs in January.

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