Trance Master

Trance Master

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Trance Master


The Expansion includes 60 sounds, 3 Drumkits, and 36 new Trance styles.
The style are truly the best possible Uplifting Trance styles out there
with the most beautiful arpeggios, chords, melodies ever,
from the subgenre of Emotional/Epic/Euphoric/Progressive Trance.

Trance Master are compatible with Psr-s770/970, 775/975, Tyros 5, and Genos, Psr-sx900, Psr-sx700 and comes in ppf-format.

2 reviews for Trance Master

  1. Marek

    If you like trance music,hard kick,powerfull drums and you want to have a fun with your keyboard this pack is for you!I recommand. Skyxmen69

  2. Quantum Studios

    Amazing Styles 10/10. Yamaha must hire this guy when the create their Genos 2 styles.

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